CCD Observation's detail view 3957

CometC/2018 Y1 (Iwamoto)
UserTaras Prystavski
User`s nameTaras Prystavski
Observation's time (UT)2019-02-09 08:17:00
Observation's placeH06 iTelescope observatory, (remotely from Mayhill, U.S.A.)
Comparison stars sourceICQ: UO. USNO A2.0 catalogue R magnitudes
Mag ErrorNot set
Coma diameter(')&12
Tail's length
Coma degree of condensationNot set
Positional angle of tail (°)
Aperture106 cm
Telescope focal length (mm)530
Telecope TypeR
Exposure of single frame (sec)10
Phot Region
Software (with version)ICQ: A41. Astrometrica 4.1
Stars ExposureNot set
Photometric-aperture size 12.64
CameraICQ:CKD. Canon Kiss Digital camera
ChipICQ:ICY. Sony ICX285AL. Matrix size: 1360x1024. Pixel (μm):6.45x6.45
Chip blooming
Number of images4
Magnitude of the comparison star closest in brightness
Calibration methodsdark-subtracted (and bias-subtracted) + flat-field corrected (flat-fielded)
Pixel size width"
Pixel size height"
Light pollution zone
SQM-L in zenith
Observatory code
CommentNot set