Comet discovered in 2016

With the last two comets discovered in the last two months of 2016, C/2016U1 (NEOWISE) and C72016X1 (Lemmon), the total number of comet discovered in 2016 is 36 plus 1 comet discovered on STEREO images(I didn’t count the SOHO comet because they are not officially numbered at the moment). The C/2016 U1 became in the last days of the year a binocular object in the morning sky.


About the statistical analysis, the PanSTARRRS survey was the most prolific comet survey with 20 comet discoveries, while only one comet was discovered by an amateur astronomer, C/2016R3 by G.Borisov from Russia.

Total comet discovered:

PanSTARRS 20 (Total 141 comets discovered)
NEOWISE      3 (Total 27 comets discovered)
Matheny         2 (First two comets for her)
LINEAR         2 (Total 222 comets discovered)
Kowalski        2 (Total 14 comets discovered)
Christensen    1 (Total 24 comets discovered)
Denneau         1 (First comet for him)
Catalina          1 (Total 135 comets discovered)
MASTER        1 (Total 3 comets discovered)
Borisov           1 (Total 6 comets discovered)
Gibbs              1 (Total 29 comets discovered)
Mt.Lemmon   1 (Total 80 comets discovered)
STEREO         1 (Total 43 comets discovered)

In 2016 13 comets were recovered, here the list:

2001F1=2016A4=334P/NEAT. Independently recovery by Konkoly Observatory on January 7.9UT

2008Y2=2016A9=335P/Gibbs. Recovered by European Space Agency's Optical Ground Station on January 10.26UT

2006G1=2016B2=336P/McNaught. Recovered by PanSTARRS on January 18.57UT

2010N1=2016GE216=337PWISE. Recovered by German amateur Erwin Schwab and identified with an asteroid discovered by PanSTARRS

2009K1=2016M2=339P/Gibbs. Recovered by Hirohisa Sato on June 29.35UT

2008J3=2016N1=338P/McNaught. Recovered  by European Space Agency Optical Ground Station on July 2.18.

2008T1=2016N2=340P/Boattini. Recovered by PanSTARRS and confirmed by Gareth Williams on July 4.5UT

2007R3=2016N3=341P/Gibbs. Recovered by Catalina Sky Survey in July 15.45UT

2000O3=2005W4=2011E1=2016N5=342P/SOHO. Comet discovered by W.Boonplod in C2 images from July 1UT

2003SQ215=2016P3=343P/NEAT-LONEOS. Identified by Meyer and Williams from a new comet discovered by PanSTARRS

2005S3=2016Q1=344P/Read. Recovered by Krisztian Sarneczky on August 27.04UT

2008SH164=2016Q3=345P/LINEAR. Recovered by Mt.Lemmon Survey on August 29.35UT

2007T6=2016R1=346P/Catalina. Recovered by Krisztian Sarneczky on September 1.08UT


List of comet discovered in 2016:

C/2016 A1 PanSTARRS discovered on January 1.54UT

P/2016 A2 Christensen discovered on January 2.48UT

P/2016 A3 PanSTARRS discovered on January 4.54UT

C/2016 A5 PanSTARRS discovered on January 9.49UT

C/2016 A6 PanSTARRS discovered on January 13.44UT

C/2016 A7 PanSTARRS discovered on January 14.65UT

C/2016 A8 LINEAR discovered on January 14.14UT

C/2016 B1 NEOWISE discovered on January 17.87UT

P/2016 BA14 PanSTARRS discovered on January 22.34UT

C/2016 C1 PanSTARRS discovered on February 12.5UT

C/2016 C2 NEOWISE discovered on February 8.5UT

C/2016 E1 PanSTARRS discovered on March 3.54UT

C/2016 E2 Kowalski discovered on March 15.44UT

P/2016 G1 PanSTARRS discovered on April 1.53UT

P/2016 J1 PanSTARRS discovered on May 5.46UT

C/2016 J2 Denneau discovered on May 6.24UT

P/2016 J3 STEREO discovered by Scott Ferguson on images from May 14-26

C/2016 K1 LINEAR discovered on May 31.42UT

C/2016 KA Catalina discovered on May 16.41UT

C/2016 M1 PanSTARRS discovered on June 22.47UT

C/2016 N4 MASTER discovered on July 15.15UT

C/2016 N6 PanSTARRS discovered on June 27.4UT

P/2016 P1 PanSTARRS discovered on August 1.41UT

P/2016 P2 PanSTARRS discovered on August 8.52UT

C/2016P4 PanSTARRS discovered on July 31.4UT

C/2016 Q2 PanSTARRS discovered by August 26.34UT

C/2016 Q4 Kowalski discovered on August 30.25UT

C/2016 R2 PanSTARRS discovered on August 30.63UT

C/2016 R3 Borisov discovered on September 11.07UT

P/2016 R4 Gibbs discovered on September 10.32UT

P/2016 S1 PanSTARRS discovered on September 21.57UT

P/2016 SV PanSTARRS(347P) discovered on September 21.47UT. Gareth Williams identified with a comet in images took on 2009.

C/2016 T1 Matheny discovered on October 6.09UT

C/2016 T2 Matheny discovered on October 10.12UT

C/2016 T3 PanSTARRS discovered on October 10.38UT

C/2016 U1 NEOWISE discovered on October 21.29UT

C/2016 X1 Lemmon discovered on December 8.36UT



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