CometC/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS)
UserAlexsandr Morozov
User`s nameAlexsandr Morozov
Observation's time (UT)2020-01-01 15:25
Toolтелескоп SW 10 dob
Observation's placeSukhinichi
Comparison stars sourceHJ - Magnitudes in the Hipparcos photometric system
MethodM - Morris`s method
Coma diameter(')1.5
Tail's length3.5'
Positional angle of tail145
Bortl's scaleNot set
Aperture25.4 cm
Focal length (mm)1200
Type of toolL - Newtonian reflector
Field of view (°)0.42
SQM-L in zenith
Light pollution zoneGreen
Commentmoon 35%
Morris Format2020 Jan 1.64 UT: m1=9.9, Dia.=1.5', DC=5.5, Tail: 3.5 arcmin, in PA 145 deg ...25.4-cm L (120x) ...Alexsandr Morozov (Sukhinichi, Russia)