CometC/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS)
UserCastor 98
User`s nameMarek Biely
Observation's time (UT)2020-03-24 19:02:00
Tool20x80 binoculars
Observation's placeBrno (244 m a.s.l.)
Comparison stars sourceTK - Tycho-2 Catalogue
MethodS - Sidgwick`s method
Coma diameter(')4.7
Tail's lengthNot set
Positional angle of tailNot set
Bortl's scaleNot set
Aperture8 cm
Focal length (mm)Not set
Type of toolB - Binoculars
Field of view (°)2.5
SQM-L in zenith
Light pollution zone
CommentIt seemed a bit brighter than before.
Morris Format2020 Mar 24.79 UT: m1=8.6, Dia.=4.7', DC=3 ...8-cm B (20x) ...Marek Biely (Brno (244 m a.s.l.), Czech Republic)