Observation catalog of 21P/Giacobini-Zinner

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There are 191 observations of this comet
UserObservation's time (UT)MagnitudeComa diameter(')CondensationTool 
Ivanov V.1998-10-23 16:20:009.63.5511L (32.2x)View Update
Guzik P.2005-06-04 00:14:0010.72420.3L (63x)View Update
Semenyuta A.1998-11-19 14:409.053.526R (30x)View Update
Meyer M.1998-07-25 22:04:0013:0.7225.4L (104x)View Update
Meyer M.1998-08-17 20:38:0012.22.1225.4L (65x)View Update
Meyer M.1998-08-18 21:07:0012.11.7125.4L (65x)View Update
Meyer M.1998-08-19 20:38:00123225.4L (65x)View Update
Meyer M.1998-09-22 18:43:0010.32.4425.4L (65x)View Update
Meyer M.1998-09-25 19:40:0010.24310B (20x)View Update
Meyer M.1998-10-16 18:00:009.42.7325.4L (65x)View Update