Observation catalog of 46P/Wirtanen

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There are 172 observations of this comet
UserObservation's time (UT)MagnitudeComa diameter(')CondensationTool 
Guzik P.2002-08-11 01:26:00111320.3L (63x)View Update
Guzik P.2002-08-20 01:40:00102320.3L (63x)View Update
Guzik P.2002-08-21 01:40:0010.12220.3L (63x)View Update
Guzik P.2002-09-05 02:24:0010.52220.3L (63x)View Update
Guzik P.2002-09-12 02:24:0010.62.5220.3L (108x)View Update
Guzik P.2002-10-19 03:07:0010.83320.3L (63x)View Update
Guzik P.2002-11-07 03:21:0011.62220.3L (63x)View Update
Guzik P.2002-12-14 02:52:0012  20.3L (63x)View Update
Guzik P.2007-11-12 17:02:0012.51.5120.3L (63x)View Update
Guzik P.2007-12-26 17:02:0010.33120.3L (63x)View Update